Elevate Your Rehabilitation Journey with Rebless

Bringing Professional Care to Your Home!

Rebless is here to revolutionize your rehabilitation experience!

If you are on the road to recovery after surgery, battling a neurological disorder, or striving to prevent muscle atrophy post-stroke incidents or in cases of Alzheimer’s, Rebless is here to revolutionize your rehabilitation experience!

Main Features

Multi-Joint Application

A single device for wrist, elbow, ankle, and knee.

Wide Rehabilitation Scope

Applicable for treating neurological and musculoskeletal movement disorders.

Smart Tele-Rehab Platform

Seamlessly review treatment data and communicate with patients for more efficient rehabilitation management.

Diverse Treatment Modes

Assist-as-Needed technology and Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) allow patients to change treatment modes depending on the patients’ abilities. There is also a resistance mode available.

At-Home Rehabilitation, Redefined

With Rebless, bid farewell to clinic visits and embrace the convenience of at-home rehabilitation. Our groundbreaking device ensures that you receive professional assistance through our innovative app and the online Rebless Clinic. No matter where you are, our dedicated clinicians are just a click away, providing unparalleled support on your rehabilitation journey

Smart Tele-Rehab Platform

Seamlessly review your treatment data and stay connected with your healthcare team through our cutting-edge app. This not only enhances the efficiency of your rehabilitation management but also keeps you in control of your progress.


Improve Patient Compliance

The rebless™ therapy device provides patients with access to therapy from the comfort of their home. And, with the ability to view activity and progress, the rebless app may increase patient’s motivation and commitment.

Increase Efficiency in Your Clinic

With the rebless clinic app, providers can view patient data and provide consultation from anywhere. Telemedicine visits are scheduled and performed with patients through the click of a button.

Rent or Own

Rebless is available for both rentals and purchase at Alvica, your trusted partner in health and innovation. Visit our Showroom at the Royal Exchange to witness the transformative capabilities of Rebless firsthand. Your journey to recovery starts here!

Embrace the future of rehabilitation with Rebless – where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care.


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Wide Rehabilitation Scope

Rebless isn’t just a device; it’s a comprehensive solution. Tailored for treating both neurological and musculoskeletal movement disorders, it adapts to your unique needs, ensuring a holistic approach to your rehabilitation.

Diverse Treatment Modes

Our Assist-as-Needed technology and Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) empower you to switch treatment modes based on your abilities. Need resistance? No problem – Rebless offers a resistance mode, adding versatility to your rehabilitation plan.

Steps for patients to get a rebless

Step 1

Contact us using the contact us form

Step 2

Talk to our clinical specialist to discuss about different options for using rebless

Step 3

Get rebless delivered to your home and schedule online training with our consultant


Your rehabilitation device

A rehabilitation device that can be transformed to treat multiple joints, controlled with an app that connects you to your healthcare professional. Track progress, set resistance, restore movement from the comfort of your home.


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