Back pain treatment in 20 minutes

Get time-saving, effective and  sustainable back pain treatment soluition with reLounge, now on display at Alvica’s Royal Exchange London showroom.

Why reLounge?

Back pain is a dominant issue in our society. Treating it is not only a very time-consuming and physically demanding process but the treatment chain itself can be very complex. Patients are sent back and forth, the success rate is uncertain – and that is where reLounge comes in. reLounge solves these well-known problems and makes it easy for everyone involved. Time-saving, effective, sustainable. reLounge is back training at its best.

What is reLounge?

Globally unique on today’s market, a distinctive design – and most importantly: the future of back pain treatment. That is what reLounge is all about. The most proven treatment methods for back pain incorporated into just one system: muscle training through electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), pain relief with the help of TENS, heat therapy – all that based on a soothing deep massage.

Effective treatment

As a medical device, reLounge aids in the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions, including:

Chronic Back Pain


Intervertebral Disc





Spinal Stenosis


Muscle Soreness

Four proven methods to treat back pain in just one system
Maximum efficacy and training experience thanks to the ergonomic lying position
Smart System – Therapeutic competence at the touch of a button

Touchless Wellness for Back Pain

Globally widespread condition


of individuals in our society experience back pain at least once in their lifetime.


of all back pain is caused by faults in the musculoskeletal system.


of cases of back pain reoccur within 2-3 months.


of back pain patients have weak back muscles.

Clinically Proven Methods

This multifaceted approach addresses pain, improves muscle strength and flexibility, enhances mobility, and promotes healing.

TENS therapy reduces pain signals
EMS therapy strengthens supporting muscles
Heat therapy promotes circulation
Massage therapy alleviates muscle tension

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reLounge is the combination of the StimaWell stimulation mat and a specifically designed wooden lounger.
reLounge merges the four most proven methods against back pain (pain therapy/application, muscle building and strengthening, heat and massage) into one system. It is not a conventional massage couch.

o low frequency
->”high frequency stimulation”
->low frequency stimulation
-> HAN
o Medium frequency

reLounge uses the functional principle of EMS. EMS is a term that stands for electronic muscle stimulation and is based on the body’s own principle, in which every movement is triggered by a bioelectric impulse from the brain. During an EMS workout, the impulses are delivered extrinsically, causing the muscles to contract. This method has also proven to be effective as a targeted treatment for back pain.

What role does heat play in the reLounge?

reLounge can be heated up to 40°C. This comfort temperature promotes improved blood circulation in the muscles and consequently relaxes them. Concurrently, the metabolism is stimulated and toxins are expelled from the body. Massage chairs with heat function follow a similar approach.

The reLounge can be a valuable asset in the medical field (e.g. doctors, physiotherapy, rehab centers, etc.), in the fitness and lifestyle and spa industry (e.g. gyms, EMS studios, hotels, beauty and health facilities) and, of course, in companies.
Yes, there are – at least when it comes to the software. For the medical field for example, the software is specifically designed to cover the needs of the therapeutic area. For non-medical uses, you will get a less comprehensive software package.
Yes! reLounge’s integrated Stimawell EMS mat is both European CE as well as American FDA certified!
We never leave anyone alone. With our success package, you are guaranteed a successful start. Download the full details here.
There are only few absolute contraindications. For the most part, contraindications can be ruled out through consultation in accordance with the attending physicians. Please find the complete list of contraindications here.

Anyone who is dealing with…
o acute pain and back pain
o chronic pain and back pain
o non-specific back problems
o specific back pain
o lower back pain
o neck pain
o middle back pain
o high levels of stress
o hypertonia
o hypotonia
o limited mobility

…or is simply looking for relaxation.
Anyone can benefit from using the reLounge, regardless of gender, age or conditions.

Feel free to download the brochure for the stimulation mat here. There you will be able to find all the important details.

Yes, but only if you are operating in Germany! As of 01.01.2023 it is prescribed by law to complete an EMS training course in order to legally use the reLounge. Since we are working closely with several training providers, we are able to offer you a great deal on the courses. They are already included in our success package!

Physical therapists and physicians do not need to partake in any further training.

Quite the opposite! The handling of the reLounge is very simple and straightforward, which is rather unusual for a medical device. You are guided through all the steps in the settings, thus ensuring that nothing can go wrong.
Not at all. The technology behind reLounge is absolutely safe. It is in no way comparable to the conventionally known full-body EMS. Besides, you will be given an extensive device briefing – for a guaranteed smooth workflow.
Yes, of course! We regularly host small events at our showroom. You are welcome to visit and experience it for yourself. Food and drinks will be served served while you get to put the reLounge through its paces. Benefit from the many interesting specials, goodies as well as testimonials. We will make sure your stay with us will be as pleasant as possible. Other than that, we also offer weekly webinars for you to establish a quick overview. You can always arrange a personal appointment on site of course.

We offer three financing options:
1. Direct purchase
2. Payment by installments
3. Leasing via a third-party bank
You can find more information on this here.

We will provide you with everything you need for a successful start with reLounge. Needless to say, everything will be tailored to your business. You can find a complete overview here.
Orders within the D-A-CH area will be delivered by us. We also have the option to ship worldwide.
The delivery time is 3-21 days depending on the country.
There are two options here. We could either arrange to stop by, deliver the reLounge and take care of the setup. Or alternatively, there is always the option of direct delivery.

Delivery and assembly are available for 490.00 EUR net. If you choose our success package, this service will be included.

The cost of delivery through different transport companies varies depending on the current prices and the distance.

The statutory warranty period is 2 years. But there is always the option to extend the time of warranty for an additional charge. In the unlikely and rare event that the control unit or stimulation mat fails, you will receive a new replacement unit within 1-3 days.
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